Type of Committees at McMUN

General Assembly.jpg

General Assemblies

We are proud to announce that we will host three General Assembly (GA) committees at McMUN each year. They range from around 150 to 320 delegates, making them the largest committee category at our conference. Similarly to last year, the GAs are organized around three sustainable development goals to remind delegates that the topics they will be debating are real and pressing issues facing the international community today. Delegates are expected to craft resolutions composed of innovative solutions that the United Nations should implement, while adhering to their respective country’s policy.


Economic and Social Councils

The Economic and Social Council designation (ECOSOCs) refers to the second largest committees at McMUN. They will range from around 45 to 75 delegates and are structured identical to the General Assemblies. However, they deal with more niche policy issues and often are set in the context of smaller committees at the United Nations.


Specialized Agencies

Specialized Agencies (SAs) at McMUN challenge delegates to engage in innovative and unique committee experiences. Participants are tasked with constructing resolutions and crafting policy whilst also interacting with integrated crisis elements, rules of procedure changes, and the incorporated bilingualism which defines our Colère des Gilets Jaunes and Responses to the U.S. Invasion of Panama Committees. At McMUN 2020, Specialized Agencies will typically include anywhere from 20-60 delegates, with some smaller committees including our unique Fyre Festival and Six-Party Talks committees.



Our Crisis committees at McMUN are the smallest, most fast-paced, immersive, and often the most competitive sessions at the conference. Delegates will have to constantly react to issues facing their committee with creativity while at the same time advancing their own position within it. In addition to seven diverse historical, future, and fictitious crises, we will also be hosting two Joint-Crisis Committees this year.