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One Mission. Three Pillars.

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Pillar 1: Challenge

McMUN provides attendees with a competitive environment where attendees debate and resolve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Both participants and staff members are encouraged to challenge the status quo, question long standing norms and rethink their own perspectives in an ever-changing global environment to best adapt and grow as individuals and an international community.

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Pillar 2: Innovate.

McMUN offers dynamic opportunities where all those involved are encouraged to be bold and daring in thought and action, creating a unique experience that is rewarding for all participants. Through its commitment to promote diverse, inclusive, and open dialogue, McMUN is a platform for the emergence of original thought that allows all to reach their full potential.

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Pillar 3: Empower.

At McMUN, young leaders from around the world gather and engage in impactful relationships, building a community centred around youth empowerment, collaboration, and respect. All participants leave McMUN having developed and strengthened valuable skills with an enhanced sense of global awareness and an awakened will to enact change outside the conference and in their own community.