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World Anti-Doping Agency

The World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA is an organization founded in 1999 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with the objective of fighting against doping in sports. WADA has since been working to meet this goal by conducting scientific research into the performance-enhancing effects of certain drugs, educating the world's athletes about the repercussions of doping, and publishing the World Anti-Doping Code which lists all prohibited substances. Though mostly successful over the years, WADA has had its fair share of challenges. After the Russian doping scandal in 2017, its most recent controversy, the agency is looking to develop its anti-doping capacities further. In this committee, all delegates will be able to assume the role of a member of WADA’s governance and will tackle the main pressing issues facing the organization today. These topics include further developing drug testing technologies, enhancing the protocols of doping testing and expanding the organization’s education program and instituting a new mandate that focuses on the mental health of the athletes and takes into account new substances the WADA must investigate as they may be used to treat psychiatric disorders.

Email Address: anti_doping@mcmun.org

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Nicole Beausoleil


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Logine Ghadban

Vice Chair

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Austin McDougall

Vice Chair

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Luca Brown

Vice Chair