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WHO: Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Alzheimer’s

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency that acts as the authority for health within the United Nations systemto attain the highest possible standard of global public health. It comprises of 194 diverse member states which allows WHO to create multi-faceted, comprehensive solutions for health crises and issues. Since their establishment in 1948, WHO has worked to combat diseases ranging from infectious diseases like malaria to noncommunicable diseases such as dementia. WHO researches and assesses health trends internationally to implement solutions that standardize care through recommended policies. In addition, WHO also provides support during health emergencies by coordinating response efforts that include financial resources and mobilizing strategies, etc.


The WHO has recently launched a report, Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia, in response to recognizing dementia as a public health threat, and therefore, a priority that must be addressed. The report compromises options for both international and national approaches to improve the current standards from a public health perspective as well as raising awareness that it is a significant priority. Alzheimer’s disease which is included under the umbrella term of dementia will be the focus of the World Health Organization committee of McMUN 2019.

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