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US Congress: A Country in Crisis, 2009

The 111th Congress, sworn in today, will face diverse challenges that require bipartisan solutions. With the swearing in of President Barack Obama, who ran a campaign based on hope and change, the American public expects the government to address the problems they face on a daily basis. The first major topic delegates will be expected to address is the economic crisis, exemplified by soaring foreclosure rates, high unemployment, and a collapse in the stock market. How can Congress act to improve the economic situation for millions of Americans? Second of all, the broad war on terror continues to be fought, with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dragging onwards. On the home front, security measures have been taken against terrorism, but the wars abroad, especially in Iraq, grow unpopular. Finally, millions of Americans still lack health care. Over the years, many ideas have been put forth, but after the failures of Harry Truman’s efforts and Bill Clinton’s efforts, will this Congress be able to fulfill President Obama’s promise of a healthcare overall? These challenges will push delegates to be creative and collaborative.

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