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UNGA Special Session: Combating Global Trafficking & Illicit Trade

Historically, the UNGA has played a pivotal role in international policy. In continuation of this responsibility, this special session of the UNGA has been convened to target the issues of global trafficking and illicit trade, which cover a massive array of underlying topics. The goal of this committee is to review existing regulations, identify loopholes and suggest alternatives or perhaps, draft new policies with better safeguards for these crucial issues.

For the purpose of streamlining discussion, the topics for the committee have been limited to two options, including the discussion regarding the trafficking and illicit trade of cultural artefacts, and that of humans, drugs and organs. These two topics are very relevant to the current global trends, as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has lead to an increase in illicit trade of cultural artefacts, which are often sold to gather money for terrorist activities. Similarly, human and organ trafficking remains a pressing issue. It is our expectation from this committee to review the underlying issues with great detail, and to draft resolutions that can potentially tackle these issues in a realistic and applicable manner.

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