The Triple Diadochi

Conquerors, Generals, Administrators of Alexander’s Great Kingdom,

The year is 323 BCE.  Alexander the Great has stretched the Macedonian Empire to its farthest extend through military conquest, from Macedon to the Indus Valley.  While the glories of plunder and the expansion have provided Alexander’s Empire with many benefits, there are many questions to be answered. The most important of these being; who will succeed the Alexander?  While Roxanna, Alexander’s wife, is pregnant with a potential successor to the Macedonian Empire, Alexander’s powerful generals are all ambitious for a chance to lead this ground-breaking large Empire. Of these generals, Ptolemy, Seleucus and Cassander stand as the most notable of these successor claimants.  Should they forge their own Empires in their respective regions, Ptolemy in Egypt, Seleucus in Persia and Cassander in Macedonia, they will have to face many common problems such as who is the rightful claimant to the throne of the Macedonian Empire, ruling over a majority non-Greek population and dealing with the threat of each other’s successor Kingdoms, among others.  The world looks onto you, the three successor Kingdoms of the Macedonian Empire, otherwise known as the Diadochi. You have been summoned together, in your respective lands, to address the challenges facing the rule of Alexander the Great’s vast empire. Your answers to these tests will dictate the fate of Alexander’s Empire. Make no mistake, none have flown as high as you, but dare not fly too close to the sun.

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Meet Your Dais Members

Lennart Nehrbass.png

Lennart Nehrbass

Crisis Command


Ashton Mathias

Assistant Crisis Command

Anuradha Mallik.jpg

Anuradha Mallik

Chair -Persia


Liam Meisner

Vice Chair -Persia

Calvin Trottier-Chi.jpg

Calvin Trottier-Chi

Crisis Director - Persia


Andrew Fawaz

Assistant Crisis Director - Persia

Luke Anderson.PNG

Luke Anderson

Chair -Macedonia


Sean Aoun

Vice Chair - Macedonia


Alex Horbal

Crisis director - Macedonia


Paul Kaiser

Assistant Crisis Director - Macedonia


Nicole Arski

Chair - Egypt

diatomic egypt.JPG

Jozephine Crimp

Vice Chair - Egypt

Jamie Carey

Crisis Director - Egypt

Adrianna Lemieux

Assistant Crisis Director - Egypt