The Pacific Islands Forum: Health and Well-being in Oceania

Founded in 1971, the Pacific Islands Forum has long served as the premier organization for economic and political conversations and coordination. While these dialogues initially started with just the 18 member states, they have since expanded to include 18 Dialogue Partners. For the purpose of this committee, the procedure of opening conversations with Dialogue Partners following the Forum will be replaced with an integration of these partners into the Forum itself in order to have a dynamic and expanded debate. This Forum will be centered Health and Well-Being within the Oceania region, specifically looking at Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction as well as Ocean Safety. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction discussions with focus on the health implications of their rise, but should include greater conversation about the implications of the growing impact of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Mitigation as a whole. Ocean Safety, however, will be more tailored to the ideas of fisheries as well as ongoing discussions on hazardous waste in the region. Delegates should expect to find a balance between national interests and the Pacific Regionalism that has served as a guide for the Forum since its adoption in 2014. The committee will offer a fast-paced and lively discussion concerning an often-overlooked region of the world!

The background guide and committee description will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members

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Mariel Boden


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Cam Rahmatian

Vice Chair


Dara Liu

Vice Chair

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Alexandre Caillon

Vice Chair