The Italian Unification

It’s 1859, and the Risorgimento is under way.  Civil unrest, foreign interests, the Catholic Church, and military factions have combined to create a disunified environment for the Italian peoples, who require outstanding leadership if they are to ever hope to live in a peaceful, unified Italy.  Historically, unification is a long way off, but leaders within this room have the power to change the current conditions in their favor and turn history in their own favor, should their efforts prove worthy. Who among you will step up and unify Italy?

“If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze!” -Saint Catherine of Sienna

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Meet Your Dais Members

Albert Gunninson.jpg

Albert Gunninson


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Audun Jawanda

Crisis Director

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Feodora Chouakri

Vice Chair

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Émile Deslandes

Assistant Crisis Director