The Furthest Shore: Space Awaits

The Furthest Shore, Space Awaits Committee will push delegates to be the best humanity has to offer in this futuristic planetary settlement.

Project SOAR, a highly classified program of last resort was authorized by the American government in the early 1960’s fearing mutually assured nuclear destruction from the Soviet Union. The program consisted of a two ship colonization scheme for a habitable planet in the great beyond, allowing humanity a chance to survive. A century later the plan regained traction and with full funding and government backing, Project SOAR was initiated.

In the year 2060, two ships were launched from Earth destined for Planet Hadle-28934, a planet perfect for human life, nicknamed ‘Goldilocks’. The two ships had staggered launches with the first consisting of mostly criminals of Old Earth and their families for hard labour, with a small cohort of professionals and military officials to keep the crew in line. The second consisted of some of the most prestigious, wealthy and well connected Elites of Old Earth, set to arrive after the criminals constructed the first settlement habitat. 25 years after launch, the first ship has finally arrived on their new home.

The committee takes place following the imprisoned members of the first ship. They have a new life ahead of them on this alien planet with breathable air, fertile land, and traces of an ancient civilization long gone. The members of this committee will face the challenge of being settlers of the first extrasolar human space colony, with their mission being to plant the first seeds, draw the first maps and lay down the first roots for human civilization beyond Earth and their masters landing after them.

The background guide and character list will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members

Nikolas Dolmat.jpg

Nikolas Dolmat


Emily Liang.JPG

Emily Liang

Vice Chair

Taylor Lynn Curtis.PNG

Taylor Lynn Curtis

Crisis Director

Eric Sader.jpeg

Eric Sader

Assistant Crisis Director