The Equal Rights Coalition: Global Summit on LGBTQIA2+ Rights

The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) Global Summit on LGBTQIA2+ is dedicated to the protection and promotion of the rights of LGBTQIA2+ persons, and encourages inclusive development in both member and non-member countries. The ERC works with civil society, multilateral partners and UN agencies, especially through groups centered around: international and regional diplomacy, LGBTQ+ inclusion in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, coordination of donor funding national laws, and policies and practices. Over the weekend, we will be discussing urgent and pertinent topics to the development of LGBTQIA2+ rights, such as: (1) LGBTQ+ Youth and Homelessness, and (2) LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers. At the heart of each topic lie complex cultural, social, and political questions that will require delegates to engage in genuine diplomacy. The complexity of this material requires a great deal of understanding and empathy, and we have faith that you will rise to the task.

Meet Your Dais Members


Anushkay Raza



Anikait Panikker

Vice Chair

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Rachel Habrih

Vice Chair


Zachary Couture

Vice Chair