A Mother’s Love is Blind: The Court of Empress Irene

My People,

I speak to you all not as a woman, not as a regent, not as an Empress, but as your leader, and as Basileus of the Byzantine Empire. In this time of unrest, I demand you all to keep open eyes and an open mind to change. Do not be fooled by the blindness of the men that have preceded me, they were hungry for glory and were poisoned by power.

Under my wise guidance, we will restore the historical luster of the Byzantine Empire. Let us reinstate the veneration of icons, which my predecessors have sought so vehemently to repress! And continue to bask in the glory of our previous conquests!

Alas! I know that not all of you are loyal to me; traitors slither across the halls of my palace, attempting to hinder the rise of a new Golden Age. It is such a pity that so many men before me succeeded in their endeavours to deceive each other. But I am no man. So, to all of you, my children, I advise caution: those who attempt to deceive me will have no place in my Court.  

Whispers echo across the halls of my palace; the fear of war weighs heavy on the mind of the weary. I shall not tolerate such cowardice, it will be punishable to the same degree as deceit, as the imminence of battle must be embraced. Our future is inevitable, and we must not fear the drawn swords of our enemies.

Thus, I ask you all, Brothers and Sisters of Byzantium, to take up arms, and fight for my great and powerful Empire!

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