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The Baltic Assembly: State Building in the Post-Soviet Break-up

Welcome to the Baltic Assembly!

Our union, forged in the wake of independence from the Soviet Union, is dedicated to the cooperation, unity, and success of our three Baltic States. The Baltic Assembly meets annually to develop goals for joint security, energy, transportation, and welfare, among others.

The Baltic States have a long history under empire. However, their independence in 1991 presented them a new opportunity for their self determination. Today the member states, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, are members of the European Union, NATO, and the Eurozone. Two out of the three member states are also members of the OECD. The success of the Baltic states can be, in part, attributed to the early and consistent cooperation between all three states with the aim of mutual prosperity.

This historical state building committee will focus on major aspects of the

Baltic States as newly independent states, specifically discussing ethnic Russian and German minorities, the establishment of government, and the presence of the Russian military stationed in the Baltics. Delegates will be expected to tackle these topics in depth and in proper historical contexts. Delegates should also be prepared for potential timed crises, where they will be expected to produce snap resolutions in response to live events in committee.

Email Address: baltic@mcmun.org

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Eric Sun


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Christopher Bull

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