The 2020 African Meeting on Science and Technology

The 2020 African Meeting on Science and Technology is a committee composed of fifty-five nations of the African Union, with a focus on the sustainable development and management of scientific research, patents, and technology. There has been an increase in percentage of GDP spending on scientific research as well as a growing number of technology hubs amongst all countries in Africa in the 21st century. This is an indication of significantly accelerated growth of technologies in multiple nations in Africa. Immense growth comes with various challenges that need to be solved for these countries to achieve maximum benefit from it. While domestic development in science and technology is pertinent to nations themselves, this committee gathers nations to discuss strategies and policies in order to solve the challenges that they continue to face. The focus of this committee will be on resource allocation and urban development using science and technology.

Meet Your Dais Members

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Coco Wang


Dais photo Clara.JPG

Clara Sedzro

Vice Chair

dais photo Belkiss.jpeg

Belkiss Ahmad

Vice Chair

dais photo Maria.jpeg

Maria Zogheib

Vice Chair