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SDG 4: Quality Education -  SOCHUM

The United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee, also known as the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Issues Committee (SOCHUM), is one of the UN’s longest-standing bodies. Since it’s inception, it has been dedicated to addressing a wide range of issues within the realm of human rights, minority issues, the advancement of women and children, and a myriad of other topics. This year, the SOCHUM’s agenda will focus on problems related to education. Delegates o the SOCHUM will be tasked with addressing 3 prescient topics related to education, including creating a Global Curriculum; providing education to children in war zones; and bridging the gender gap that continues to hamper women’s opportunities to access equal education. At the heart of each topic lie complex cultural, social, and political questions that will require delegates to engage in genuine diplomacy. Indeed, while countries hold a widely diverging set of beliefs on the topic of education, consensus will have to be reached to permit comprehensive and effective resolutions to the issues at stake.

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Meet Your Dais Members

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Alex Nehrbass


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Anushkay Raza

Vice Chair

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Darshan Sanju

Vice Chair

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Shehrbano Niazi

Vice Chair