Security Council: Emergency Session on the African Great Lakes Crisis

The exodus has begun. In what one can only characterize as one of the bloodiest and most horrifying civil wars the world has ever seen, Paul Kagame’s RPF have emerged victorious against the Rwandan Armed Forces. As a result, millions of refugees have fled from Rwanda, their lives at stake and are seeking refuge in the neighbouring countries of Zaire and Tanzania.

However, a new set of trials and tribulations have only just begun for these refugees. The fleeing refugees find themselves trapped between ongoing Hutu-Tutsi conflicts, scrambling for food and shelter and have been left with little to no medical aid to address the plethora of diseases that run rampant through overpopulated refugee camps in Zaire and Tanzania. Hutu leaders that instigated the Rwandan Civil War now rule refugee camps as lords, amassing wealth and taking advantage of the peoples anger and frustration. Taking into consideration the massive loss of life and instability in the region, the world turns now to the Security Council to address these problems and provide concrete aid for what world are now calling, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.  

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