SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions - Special Political and Decolonization Agency (SPECPOL)

The Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly - the Special Political and Decolonization committee - has the broadest mandate of the committees; it addresses nearly all the issues which compose the raison d’être of the United Nations. This year at McMUN, SPECPOL delegates will address the resolution of land disputes and the protection of the rule of law in post-conflict societies. Over the past century, while the number of inter-state conflicts has fallen, internal conflicts have increased in frequency and number. As such, resolving territorial disputes in a non-violent manner is essential, furthermore, with the advent of increased regional and global integration many new solutions to land disputes have presented themselves. In their wake, internal conflicts leave behind fractured states and societies, ensuring return to the rule of law post-conflict is difficult but essential for the establishment of peace. Delegates will be expected to develop frameworks based on existing institutions and funds to ensure that in times of conflict the international community has a plan for dispute resolution and post-conflict peacemaking.

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