SDG 15: Life on Land - United Nations Environment Programme

The United Nations Environment Programme—commonly known as UNEP or simply UN Environment—is the United Nations agency primarily responsible for researching, developing, and implementing environmentally sound policies and practices, as well as supporting governments and NGOs seeking to do the same.

Since its inception in 1972, UNEP has tackled issues ranging from climate change to resource efficiency, and even post-disaster response. This year, the delegations of UN Environment will work together to formulate responses to two issues of immediate global concern: 1) Mitigating the Human Impact of Natural Disasters, and 2) Deforestation and Desertification.

The problems this committee will attempt to address are of a scale requiring almost uniform international cooperation between nations of all types and sizes, but delegates are strongly encouraged to pay careful attention to the impact their proposals may have on populations that are directly dependent on the land for their survival and economic well being.

The background guide will become available soon.

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