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SDG 14: Life below Water - UN Oceans

The world’s oceans play an essential role in the economy, environment, and wellbeing of every nation and community on Earth, from coastal towns and fisheries to landlocked states. Many of the earliest truly international, multilateral treaties began as agreements on the use of marine resources, the establishment of territorial and economic jurisdiction over coastal areas, and negotiations over the conduct and movement of naval vessels.

UN Oceans 2019 will be a wide-ranging and engaging committee as delegates work in concert to tackle three issues of critical importance to the health of oceans and coastal areas – and the communities that rely on them – around the globe. The topics of discussion for this year’s committee are: A) Pollution, Ocean Acidification, and Sustainable Fisheries: A Global Warning, B) Freedom of the Seas: De-Escalation and Anti-Piracy in the 21st Century, and C) indigenous Communities and Climate Change

The Dais of UN Oceans 2019 is excited to see what this committee’s delegates will bring to the table in support of the world’s oceans and those who rely on it.

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