Ready Player Three: Ross Perot’s 1992 Presidential Campaign

A wealthy outsider candidate promoting anti-politics politics who claims to be a man of action? No, this is not 2016; its 1992, and Ross Perot has entered the Presidential race as a third-party candidate. “Ready Player Three” will simulate the campaign of this unlikely politician as he traverses a heated race between incumbent George H.W. Bush and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Before entering the race, Perot was an uber wealthy tech magnate. As the years went on he became increasingly involved in politics, opposing the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Gulf War. His presidential run was based on opposition to perceived backwardness in American politics, decrying a lack of will or action at all levels of government. While Perot’s campaign was historically unsuccessful in winning any electoral college seats, his portion of the popular vote was the largest ever achieved by a third party candidate.

In this committee delegates will represent the major players behind the scenes of Perot’s campaign, making decisions ranging from policy to running mate. When crafting Perot’s message for Americans delegates will consider the important questions of the time: what is the government’s responsibility in alleviating the current recession? What is America’s role in international politics following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a unipolar system? But most importantly, how does a Texas businessman succeed against the pillars of party politics?

The background guide and character list will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members

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Jozephine Crimp



Xavier Palmer

Assistant Crisis Director

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Ruofan Wang

Vice Chair

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Alex Horbal

Crisis Director