Miami: The Magic City, 1920-1935

Welcome to Miami, the Magic City! The Miami you know today is but a mere vision, driving the development of this city in Florida in the 1920s. At this time, and in this committee, you will be faced with the need to attract residents to settle in Miami all while dealing with a constant increase in underground crime, the great depression that will affect the United States during the very end of the 1920s, and competition emerging from other nearby cities looking to become the most important city in Florida. You must all work together to bring Miami to the glory and iconic flare you know it deserves!

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Meet Your Dais Members

_Vassili Marinis.JPG

Vassili Marinis


Ronan Murphy.jpg

Ronan Murphy

Crisis Director

Marilie Pilon.jpg

Marilie Pilon

Vice Chair

Nadine Pelaez.jpg

Nadine Pelaez

Assistant Crisis Director