Lyndon B. Johnson’s Tuesday Lunch Group

My most faithful and trustworthy advisors, I have gathered you here to discuss the many issues that we as a nation face.

As the Cold War rages on outside, we have much to keep an eye on around the world. Yet just as the red threat persists and strengthens abroad, it lurks at home as well. As men and women take to the streets to make their voices heard, we must listen. Many of the issues we face as a nation today are difficult and complex, but we must face them head-on and with courage. Doing so, we can and shall overcome them, and see a tomorrow that is more open to democracy and positive change.

The destiny of Democracy awaits our decisions. In this room, we will shape the United States, and the world, as we know it. Your President makes that request of you.

So come, get settled in. Sit down, enjoy a refreshment.

Welcome to the Tuesday Lunch Group.

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Meet Your Dais Members


Tijana Mitrović


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John Weston

Crisis Director

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Katarina Majetić

Vice Chair

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Matthew O'Connell

Assistant Crisis Director