Joint Crisis Committee: Boshin War


The year is 1864 and Japan is at a crossroads. After over two centuries of isolation, Commodore Perry’s gunboat diplomacy in 1852 opened Japan to Western influence. In the ensuing decade, tensions between Westerners and the Japanese flared up, resulting in the British bombing of Kagoshima. As a result, there was rampant dissatisfaction across Japan about the Tokugawa Shogunate’s foreign relations policy and the amount of Western influence in Japan. As the tension between the Shogunate and supporters of the Imperial Court become more pronounced, you must choose your loyalty as war brews in the near future. In order to succeed, military alliances must be forged, both within Japan, and the West, whose very influence you may be seeking to curtail. Will the West continue to meddle in Japanese affairs? Or will the Japanese forge their own path in a new world?

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Meet Your Dais Members

Julia Photo.jpg

Julia Nguyen

Chair - Tokugawa Shogunate

Copy of Seb headshot- Crisis Director.JPG

Sebastian Pazdan

Crisis Director


Hena Guha

Chair - Imperial Japan


Charles Madre

Vice Chair - Tokugawa Shogunate

Sam Headshot.jpg

Sam Haward

Assistant Crisis Director - Tokugawa Shogunate

Headshot Max Clark.jpg

Max Clark

Vice Chair - Imperial Japan

John Headshot.jpg

Jonathan Nguyen

Assistant Crisis Director - Imperial Japan