Twilight of Empires: The Deccan Wars JCC

The year is 1681. After nearly 200 years of Mughal rule, the sudden rise of a rival kingdom in the Deccan Plateau threatens the stability of a once great empire. The Marathas, a kingdom of Hindus, finds itself increasingly supported by the Hindu majority of the subcontinent, much to the chagrin of the Muslim-minority led Mughals. Aurangzeb, the bold, if not misguided leader of the Mughal empire fears for the stability of his empire, and has chosen to quash any thing or anyone who threatens his iron-fist control of his people. Sambhaji, successor of his father’s realm, is notably more brutal in the ruling of his people compared to King Shivaji. When two hot headed leaders and their people come into contact, conflict in force and ideology is inevitable. Will the Marathas rise and bring Hindu rule back to a Hindu people, or will the Mughal dynasty persist and thrive?

The background guide and character list will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members

Mathias, Ashton.jpg

Ashton Mathias

Crisis Director

Loftus, Mary Lynne.JPG

Mary Lynne Loftus

Chair - Mughals


Jake Reed

Assistant Crisis Director - Mughals

Monnier, Alexandre.jpg

Alexandre Monnier

Vice Chair - Mughal

Jawanda, Audun.jpg

Audun Jawanda

Chair - Maratha

Kissoon, Jordan.jpg

Jordan Kissoon

Vice-Chair - Maratha

Kalmanovich, Rachel.jpg

Rachel Kalmanovich

Assistant Crisis Director - Maratha