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ICJ: United States v. Russia

In the International Court of Justice, delegates are tasked with settling a case brought forward by the United States: Russian interference in the 2016 election. Did Russia violate US sovereignty? Were US countermeasures to Russian actions appropriate? Perhaps most importantly, to what extent did Russia interfere and is that interference illegal?

Delegates will be tasked with defending their country in the case. They will be charged with investigating the issue by using their powers to accumulate evidence to support their case. Raiding offices, depositions and the use of national courts will all be powers available for delegates in investigating and presenting their case.

Using precedence, international law, and the evidence they have found, delegates will finally need to craft a well-supported argument to present before the ICJ. But be careful; the other side will have the opportunity to question you as well.

Good luck. We look forward to hearing your case.

Email Address: icj@mcmun.org

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