French Bilingual: Réunion de Crise à Matignon: La Colère des Gilets Jaunes

In 2018, a general discontentment feeling has propelled itself in France due to a low trust in the executive power and a rising cost of living. As a consequence, grumbling has grown up among the French population and in the end of November 2018, a new social movement emerged on social networks known as the “Yellow Vest” Movement. Following the formation of this group, mass demonstrations with various motivations occurred all across the French territory. These unprecedented events spurred a state of crisis within the French government concerning the manner it should treat the movement’s demands and deal with rising violence in the country. In order to achieve meaningful outcomes to the crisis, this committee will gather in the Prime Minister’s Office, members from the French government, leaders from the French political scenery as well as civil society actors. Delegates will be expected to debate and discuss about ways to reduce perceived inequalities in France as well as finding creative solutions to increase the degree of responsiveness of the French government.

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