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French Bilingual: Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie: Africa 2030

Welcome to McMUN 2019’s bilingual (English & French) committee! As an integral and unique aspect of our conference, this committee prides itself on both reflecting and acting on the linguistic and culture diversity McMUN is so proud to attract every year. This year, our committee will be the Organisation International de la Francophonie (OIF), and its main objective will be to discuss and collectively establish a comprehensive objectives for the Africa 2030 campaign. More specifically, this group of Francophone countries will be tasked with setting goals for the future of African self-governance, youth entrepreneurship, and the integral role of women in African society. The dais looks forward to witnessing the collaborative, agency-based work this committee will undertake, and is excited for the unveiling of the OIF’s empowering proposals for Africa 2030!

Email Address: french_bilingual@mcmun.org

Meet Your Dais Members

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Garima Karia


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Abdel Dicko

Vice Chair

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Tiffany Wognaih

Vice Chair


Titouan Chassagne

Vice Chair