Good Bye, Angela! The Fourth Merkel Cabinet

Angela Merkel has held the role of Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Fall 2018 saw her announce that her fourth cabinet would be her last. The committee will be framed by public opinion and the upcoming elections in 2021. Germany is currently experiencing significant tension surrounding the migrant crisis with widespread fear and outrage. Delegates will have to work to deal with domestic problems in addition to international crises. Throughout the sessions, delegates will be presented with real-time polling and approval rates amongst various demographics for both parties (CDU and SPD). The committee must seek to maintain these ratings and polling numbers while also achieving their policy objectives and practicing good governance of the German state.

The background guide and character list will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members

Sam Haward.jpg

Sam Haward

Crisis Director

Maddy Evans Headshot.JPG

Maddy Evans

Vice Chair

Emily Dawe.jpg

Emily Dawe



Michael Di Giorgio

Assistant Crisis Director