Formula for Success: The F1 Group

Formula 1 has seen some of its brightest and darkest days in the past decade. From greater speeds, increased accessibility and interactions for fans attending races, and increased freedom for manufacturers in terms of aerodynamics, the sport has fully been living up to its reputation as the most prestigious and fast-paced motorsport in the world. However, fans and drivers alike have been continuously voicing concerns regarding multiple issues, including not enough on-track battles, major inequalities between car performances, driver safety, live experience, ticket prices and much more. The Formula for Success: The F1 Group committee will have the tedious task of bringing together drivers, FIA officials, team bosses, sponsors, and other important figures of the sport to discuss the future of Formula 1 and motor-racing as a whole. Delegates in the committee will have to demonstrate an understanding of the unique directions the sport will have to eventually choose from, all while maintaining financial stability and increasing inclusivity for minority groups and drivers who may not have the economic resources to join the sport. The Dais looks forward to an electrifying and productive weekend!

The background guide and character list will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members


Kevin Cremoux


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Victor Martin

Vice Chair


Abigail Leblanc

Vice Chair


Nina Blancas

Vice Chair