European Court of Human Rights: Ágnes Nagy v. Hungary

Welcome to the European Court of Human Rights committee! Every year, McMUN brings a new, innovative and exciting legal committee to the table, and this year is no exception! The dais has created a made-up case inspired by the current Hungarian political climate. Hungarian journalists, lead by Ágnes Nagy, have been openly speaking against the majority political party’s views, both in writing (as journalists do) and in the context of a public demonstration. However, their government has allegedly made efforts to silence these protests. As a result, Nagy is now suing the Hungarian government before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), claiming the violation of her rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

Advocates will have fictional evidence at their disposal (created by your passionate dias) in order to craft arguments and plead their case before the judges of the ECtHR. Combining crisis elements with the traditional specialized agency committee structure, and blending mock trial and moot court-style committees together, this year’s European Court of Human Rights combines all the investigation and pleading skills required of a seasoned advocate! Will the journalist Ágnes Nagy win, or will it be the government? We are excited to find out!

The background guide and character list will become available soon.

Meet Your Dais Members


Yasmine Shadman



Ann Dickie

Vice Chair

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Deborah Klebansky

Vice Chair


Victoria Kalisky

Vice Chair