A Letter from our Undersecretary-General, Committee Affairs

Dear Delegates and Staff,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the 31st iteration of the McGill Model United Nations Assembly. Together with Karin Kassabian our Deputy-USG of General Assemblies & Economic and Social Councils, Dalton Liggett our Deputy-USG of Specialized Agencies, and Emile Lambert-Deslandes our Deputy-USG of Crises, we form “Team Committees.” We are excited to welcome you to the beautiful (but admittedly cold) city of Montreal for an unforgettable weekend.

Over the past ten months, Team Committees has been working closely with McMUN 2020’s team of Daises to design the conference’s most engaging committees yet. These staffers have devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy into researching committee topics that will both challenge and inspire you. This year, you may find yourself developing solutions to land disputes in SPECPOL, creating a successful Fyre Festival 2.0 after an infamous PR fiasco, or participating in our first ever women-driven crisis in A Mother’s Love is Blind: The Court of Empress Irene. No matter what country or character you proudly represent for the weekend, you are sure to encounter topics that push you to become a better debater and diplomat.

Above all, we hope that McMUN 2020’s committees give you the opportunity to have fun. It’s no secret that Model UN is a rigorous activity, and the early morning networking sessions over coffee (hopefully from Tim Hortons) and hours of debate can be demanding. Still, we all come to the Sheraton every January because we love Model UN. It gives us a platform to learn about the world, to forge lasting friendships, and to become more compassionate and understanding people. With that in mind, remember to pause and soak it all in during debate. Enjoy yourselves. After all, the Best Delegate is the one that smiles the most.

This is my third year of being involved with McMUN, and each year I am in awe of what this dedicated group of folks can achieve. I cannot wait to see McMUN 2020 come to life. If you have any questions about the committee portfolio as a staffer or delegate, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of Team Committees. We are here to improve your experience at the conference in any capacity, and we look forward to seeing you all in January (remember, pack those warm coats and boots)!


Natalie Schaller
Undersecretary-General, Committee Affairs


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