Black Panther: World of Wakanda

The world has turned its eye to a new country, a new country that has kept itself hidden for centuries: Wakanda. Otherwise known as one of the poorest countries in the world, Wakanda has revealed itself to be the most sophisticated and advanced country in the world. Independent from the shackles of colonization and slavery, the African country has been allowed to flourish due to its preserved natural resource: vibranium. Being the most sought out metal in the universe, due to its tenacity and power, Wakanda has a long history and culture of shielding vibranium from evil hands. However, as it has now unveiled itself to the world. Ending its centuries-long isolation, Wakanda must now deal with the task of building new foreign policies, while tackling the issues of the world around it. Its northern neighbor Sudan is facing one of the worst crises of the century, which has left hundreds of thousands to flee the country. How will Wakanda deal with the influx of refugees from its neighbors? How will the Black Panther interact with foreign diplomats and countries who might prove hostile? How will Wakanda stay true to its values while setting itself on the world stage?

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Alexandre Vachon



Ommu-Kulsoom J. Abdul-Rahman

Crisis Director


David Esteban Muñoz Beltran

Vice Chair

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Nike Fashola

Assistant Crisis Director